Thursday, March 27, 2008

Welcome to our blog. We look forward in the weeks ahead to sharing with you the exciting updates as we await the birth of our twin girls, Hope and Rebecca. We will post updates every few days as needed. Please pray that all goes well in the next few weeks and that we get the girls here safely.

Alan and Laurie

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First Baptist Church said...

Hi Alan,
I just read a comment to an article on where you wrote:
"They still get hung up on the idea that the man should be the pastor I guess".
I mean no ill will to you or your wife but the Bible is quite clear in 1 Timothy 3.1-7 that the overseer (pastor) of a church is to be a "husband of one wife".
But this can only apply when we view the Bible as literal and authoritative for the practice of our faith as Christians.
To view the Word of God without that perspective is to say - "Anything goes". We then can massage the Word to mean whatever we want it to mean and that is why so many churches have ignored this specific doctrine: That pastors are to be men.
That's not to say that women are not capable of doing what a pastor is called to do but rather that God has proclaimed a specific truth in His Word that men are to answer the call to serve as pastors.
In the absence of men who are unwilling to stand up and serve many women who have a love for the Lord mistakenly take that love and step into a role intended for men.
The result of the gradual and continual disconnect from God's Word has eroded how people in church view God's Word and the role of pastor and even men, for that matter, in everyday life.
Men are not the subject of ridicule and made to be the joke of many commercials on TV. This has happened, in my opinion, because men have very little regard for the principle of taking God's Word literally.
I do trust that you will turn in your Bible and read 1 Tim. 3.1-7 and meditate upon it. I would ask that you even exegete the passage to see just how specific God is on this issue.
Blessings to you and your family.
Pstr. R <><